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What 3 Punks Did To Her Disgusted Me. What She Did Back Made Me Cheer.

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Dorothy “Dot” Hendrix was 76 years old, a bingo worker, and more courageous than you or I will ever be. She was accosted and robbed outside of her own home in South Carolina. For the second time, she was being terrorized on her front porch. But what the gang of three didn’t know was this time… she was ready for them.

After being robbed the first time in 2011, Dot decided to buy a gun, get trained on how to fire it and obtain a conceal and carry permit.

So when three thugs approached her as she arrived home at 1am on Saturday morning, she was ready for them. She was shot twice.

What the thieves didn’t expect, though, was for her to shoot back. The brave woman managed to shoot one of her attackers in the stomach, but tragically died of her own wounds while a relative held her hand.

Steven Hagood, the man she shot, is in the hospital. He and the other two assailants are being charged with murder.

It wasn’t a random act. The three criminals knew that Dot would be carrying home money with her and planned to attack her in her own home.

Dorothy’s bravery is incredible. Not only did she stand up for herself in her last minutes, but she refused to leave the place she loved after being robbed.

Dorothy was brave and refused to back down to punks. Let’s never forget her. Share this story with others.


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