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This Guy Thought He Was Trolling Samsung, But Then They Got Him Back With One Emoji

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Because we live in a social media-driven world, it’s important as a business owner to develop a strong online presence for your brand.

While some companies resort to timing their promotional tweets to be sent out at certain times throughout the work day, others take a more holistic approach, interacting with their customers as tweets roll in. Some companies are so sassy about it that their hilarious brand tweets make national news!

You might remember the humorous musings of the Wendy’s Twitter account a few months back, but it looks like mobile giant Samsung is looking to get in on the action.

While promoting their newly released Samsung Galaxy S8, the mobile powerhouse asked its users to submit their very first photos taken with their new phones.

Internet troll savEdward gave them a response that was a bit too personal for most people’s taste.

But rather than blowing off the troll’s NSFW response, Samsung instead decided to go for the jugular and hit the man right where it hurts using a single emoji.

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