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They Were Switching Off Their Phones For A Flight When They Read Something Awful

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A pilot for Etihad Airways is being praised as a hero for delaying a flight from Manchester to Abu Dhabi. It might sound odd since it’s his job to get planes in the air, but he stopped it for a great reason.

Moments before takeoff, one couple received a text message saying that their grandson was in intensive care, and that they needed to get there immediately.

Flight attendants helped the devastated pair get that information to the pilot.

The captain immediately decided that he couldn’t take off knowing that two passengers were about to lose their grandchild.

The crew retrieved the couple’s luggage and rushed them through the airport so that they could get home as quickly as possible.

The boy died the next day, but the passengers were eternally grateful to their pilot for turning the plane around and letting them say goodbye.

(via Independent)

The gracious airline let the couple (who wished not to be named) use their tickets for a future flight. It’s always nice to learn more about companies that are dedicated to helping their customers in any way they can.

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