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Teen Drug Use May Be Down, But The Number Of Babies Born With Addiction Problems Is Skyrocketing

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Can you imagine being so reliant on drugs that even the thought of a new life growing inside of you isn’t enough to make you quit? According to a report by the CDC, more babies than ever are being born with opiate addictions, particularly in small, rural communities.

In America, a baby with neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) is born roughly every 19 minutes. A study conducted in the early 2000s found that there was approximately one case of NAS in every 1,000 births. Today, that number has grown to seven in every 1,000.

What’s most disturbing is the prevalence of these cases in rural communities. Nearly 21 percent of all NAS babies are born in rural counties, while opiate use in general is 70 percent higher in small towns than in urban areas.

Infants with NAS immediately begin to go through withdrawal. Symptoms include shaking, wailing uncontrollably, and trouble breathing.

While some go cold turkey, others are given doses of morphine to ease the harsh side effects. The cost of caring for an NAS baby is roughly $53,000. $1,500 is spent on the average newborn.

As you can see below, these side effects are truly heartbreaking.

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