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Awesome Backpacks Turn Your Pets Into Tiny Little Astronauts When They Travel

Traveling with pets is always pretty tricky. Keeping them calm and carrying them around from place to place in clunky cages or bags can put a major strain on even the most serene outings. But this cool carrier is about to change all of that. It’ll make your little buddies look like tiny, fluffy astronauts while they take in all of the sights right by your side. The sphere-shaped window allows your cutie to take in their surroundings. Amazon / U-pet They’ll finally get to enjoy all the landmarks right…

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You Might Not Normally Call A Camel Pretty, But These Guys Are Rocking Amazing ‘Dos

Every year in Pakistan, Muslim residents celebrate Eid al-Adha: an observance of Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his own son before God stepped in to stop him. For the holiday, a cow is usually used as the sacrificial offering with its meat then divided into three portions — one for themselves, one for their friends and family, and one for the poor and needy in their area. Sometimes camels, sheep, and other livestock are substituted based on what’s available in the region. However, these camels don’t have to worry about being…

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25 Photos Of Caracal Cats: The Cutest, Funniest Looking Wild Cats Around

Sometimes known as the “desert lynx,” these adorable wild cats aren’t actually a member of the lynx genus. They’re called caracals and their distinct hairdos have led to that small bit of confusion, but the cuties are all their own. They all have long, black hair growing from the backs of their ears that make it almost seem like they’re rocking some precious pigtails. These lucky felines rarely have to worry about having a bad hair day. 1. “Are you sure we can’t get a little more volume?” Flickr /…

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