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Mother Shares Heartbreaking Story About How Her Son Passed Away

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Just over five years ago, Jillian and Jarrod Johnson welcomed a baby boy named Landon into the world.

He was their first child, so they made sure to prepare themselves by taking classes and reading books about giving birth and caring for a newborn. They even checked into a “baby-friendly” hospital, which discourages giving infants any formula unless the mother has a medical condition that prevents her from breastfeeding and the pediatrician writes a prescription for it.

But despite all their careful planning and concern about giving Landon the best care possible, their son died less than a month after he was born. Jillian recently decided to bravely share Landon’s story in the hopes that other babies will be saved.

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Believing that this was the healthiest option for her baby, Jillian exclusively breastfed Landon after his birth. She grew more and more worried, however, when he started crying whenever he wasn’t feeding.

One of her lactation consultants suggested she might have a problem producing milk because she had polycystic ovary syndrome, but didn’t tell her to try feeding him formula.

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