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If One Man Knows What True Love Is, It’s This One. What He Did After His Wife Died Proves It.

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Joe and Marylou Mikolajczak were about to celebrate their golden anniversary when she suddenly died. 5 months before their 50th anniversary, Joe was suddenly alone.

“I miss her every day. I cry every day. I cry every night, and I should cry,” Mikolajczak told WGRZ. “Like I said, she was a beautiful woman inside and outside.”

On their 49th anniversary, he bought her a billboard a year in advance to celebrate their love, but she would never see it.

Even though she passed away, he kept the rental. It was his way of saying “I love you” to his late wife.

Their marriage was full of love and surprises like the billboard. We hope more people become inspired to truly embrace their marriages after seeing this… share it.

“I will love you forever,


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