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He Hit A Dog And Kept Driving. 55 Miles Later When He Stopped, THIS Happened.

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Julia Cesar Siqueira was driving with his mother and two other students to a university two hours away from his home. As he turned onto a dangerous road, he saw a small mongrel. He swerved to avoid her, but he knew he must have hit her because of the thud. He couldn’t stop because of the road, but he figured she survived since he wasn’t going at a high speed. So, he continued on his journey. You won’t believe what happened to the dog.

After being struck by the vehicle, the little dog was wedged inside of the bumper. She survived the impact AND the long trip.

She was in his car for two hours, miraculously not falling out or becoming more injured in the process.

After he arrived at his destination, he noticed that several people were signaling for him to stop his car. Finally, he was able to pull over and he was stunned by what he saw. The little pup was still in the grill. After calling a vet, was discovered she only received one broken bone from the entire ordeal – one of her legs.

She has been named Vitoria, which means “victory.” She’s currently being cared for and the driver will pay for all of her care.


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